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Health Advocate for Healthy Aging

I have worked with businesses and organizations on a mission to improve women's health and healthy aging for over two decades.  

Disease awareness, influencer relations, consumer health advocacy and doctor-woman communications are some of my core competencies that I bring to the table. 

My work helps entrepreneurs and non-profits build their organization's mission and brand value. 

On-line Community Builder

My mission as health care communications strategist and advocate has included mobilizing and empowering women to be their own best health and wellness advocates.   With over 60% of women using social media for health concerns, I conceived and hosted Real Women on Health, the first online radio show, blog and newsletter around empowering women to be their own best health and wellness advocates.

As a creative marketer, I  generated a network of thought leaders which evolved into the "Women's Health Conversation Network" and over 100,000 radio show listens. This diverse network contributed content, expert guest interviews and opportunities for advocacy partnership.

With a strong professional brand platform and mission, I brought my thought leadership to the 2013 Marketing Health and Wellness to Women Conference in Chicago as emcee.

Empowering Consumer Health Brands

Pelvic health including bowel and bladder concerns are common among women especially as a result of childbirth and menopause.  I have spearheaded women's health PR and advocacy campaigns for Eli Lilly's duloxetine for stress urinary incontinence, and Butterfly Health's body liners for accidental bowel leakage.

 I've worked with scientists and medical officers at medical and healthcare start-up companies to develop positioning and key messages as well as brand identity for a new pelvic floor muscle trainer with biofeedback.  

My interests span all areas of women's health from tween health to reproductive health and concerns of women as they age. 

Thought Leader & Publisher

A new marketing guide and e-book, How to Build Your Brand in Women’s Health: HerRules And Your Tools in a Socially-Inspired World, identifies why and how this should be done. Marketers today must avoid the easy trap of telling women what they want, instead of speaking with them on their terms.

I want to help marketers of all kinds overcome the communications gap most companies fall into.  I launched this e-book to empower marketers to look at women through a new lens, where women are more than just health care consumers.

Midlife women, in particular, are health and wellness advocates, activists and agents of change.

Paradigm Shifter:  Writer and Advocate

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As a women's health advocate and writer for women over 40, Kelley was asked to join AARP's Life Reimagined initiative on caregiving and reimagining life and work. Two of her articles were published recently in the Huffington Post around caregiving and designing the second half of life.  

"Mirror mirror on the wall" goes the saying..."who's the youngest of them all?"I ask myself.  Over the last 20 years, the image I had claimed for myself as perpetually twenty-something was well worn and ready for some of the late Nora Ephron's "get real" attitude."  

Check out my article here for more on Designing the Second Half of Your Life!