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Your own story lights your path forward.


Your own story goes beyond the copy on your website, your resume, the text in a company brochure, or your firm's Linked In profile. Your story isn’t just what you tell people.

It’s what you've experienced and learned in your business that can be put into words.

The story is a complete picture beyond facts to include your beliefs, your"why" and your "wow".  It's the juice that drives your passion for what you do. 

How will you tell your own story and reignite your own passion?


Kelley Connors, MPH

I can guide you  to clarify and ignite interest in your beliefs, your vision, your story so others are supporting you, in a way that data and technology alone can not. Find our more how we can work together.

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Consulting and Coaching

Whether through health and wellness communications coaching or consulting, I help individuals and organizations create influence and impact with the audiences they wish to serve. Find out more how we can work together.

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