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Ready to fuel your momentum as a health innovator?


Work with a coach who knows healthcare and communications

Truth is, I have been inspired by training as a health and wellness coach to guide my clients to what is motivating them to achieve their deepest desires. 

Now,  with over 25 years of health and healthcare communications experience, I am applying my approach to helping you reach your goals based on what your priorities, values, beliefs and goals are around your business and your life's work.  Those will drive you passionately to success.

Success starts from the inside.  It starts the minute you, as a leader, commit to doing whatever it takes to make a difference.  I will help you strategically break through barriers, reveal a pathway forward and guide you in your action steps.  That pathway may not always be clearly visible, however, I will offer you support as an inner mentor, a guide, a force for helping your beliefs be spoken to influence others.

On the other hand,  if you want to leap, and use your intuition to move faster with my support, you can count on me to be by your side and partner with you.  

As a healthcare communications and marketing expert, I've had the most impact on my client's business, when I put forth new language that supports the client's vision of who they uniquely are, why they do what they do, and how they are different from others who appear similar.

I'm one of those people who others come to for advice because I am a careful listener, and I'll help to create bridges from where you are today to where you want to be and help you get there.

All in, we'll work together to figure out how you can go beyond where you are now and achieve success — whatever success looks like for your business.

Choose your own coaching package

Here's what's included in every Health Innovators VIP Coaching package

1. Health Innovator's Business Intake Form
Your coaching begins when you fill out the State of Your Business Form.

2. Scheduled coaching call
You get my undivided attention on your business and marketing challenges during each 1 hour VIP Coaching call.

3. A recording for later
(Optional) I can record our calls so you can listen again later.

Whether your purchase one Health Innovator VIP Coaching session or sign up for a full year of personal guidance, every package includes the same basic elements.


Choose your coaching package