Telling Your Brand Story with Passion

Are you in love with "your baby"? If you've ever thought that your product was a beautiful baby your'e not alone, but your love can get in the way of an effective, and persuasive pitch to your stakeholders or investors or the media.

Many inventors, and innovators can become attached to their game-changing product or service because they've been on the front lines working with R&D or scientists on the innovation. A strong attachment can sometimes play havoc with connecting to the audience. And connection to the audience is key in telling your brand story.

The key to connection is a common "buzz word" that is often misused. It's authenticity. Specifically, authenticity is believing with your whole body, head an  heart what you say. Belief with a capital "B".  It's simply walking the talk so that your audience can connect with you on a personal level.  They believe YOU.

So, how does this relate to bringing passion into a brand story - it's your baby and you know this is a game-changer for health care. How do you actually bring the right amount of passion into your selling presentation while staying authentic?  

First, passion can be exuded quite effectively with a story that begins by bringing in a personal anecdote, one that can be emotionally moving.  This story should be related or aligned with your product development that is personal, and connects you to your vulnerability as a change-maker. 

Who can you learn from in this area? Passionate patient advocates can tell a great story, and I can recommend the work of Regina Holliday, patient advocate and artist.  Brene Brown talks quite a bit about vulnerability in her TEDTalks from an innovation and leadership perspective.   

Health innovators are in the business of improving human lives, and innovation is key. You undoubtedly have the story already that will come across inspiring and motivating to your audience. Tap into your own personal story in a way that is authentic and brings out your true beliefs in a powerful way.