Women as advocates and activists in health innovation today


It couldn’t be more compelling than in the health care space where big pharma, medical devices & diagnostics, insurance companies and hospitals influence your health today, your retirement tomorrow, and a good portion of the nation’s GNP.

What's compelling is that the level of trust consumers have in your health brand or organization influences value. 

With women as THE health and health care influencers, marketers have a powerful ally to help a health or wellbeing brand connect with its audience in a way that builds trust and adds value.


The Game Has Changed


It’s well-known that women make or influence more than 85% all health and healthcare decisions, but, ironically, a recently published study in the Harvard Business Review described the new “female economy” as one that was larger than any bailout, but noted healthcare as one of six major industries that does a poor job of marketing “to” women.

As more women turn 50 than 30 and potentially enjoy thirty-plus years beyond “mid-life”, the $20 billion dollar women’s health market includes much more than oral contraceptives. Women have taken aging into their own hands and seeking out quality of life solutions that make 60 the new 40.

Demographic and psychographic changes in addition to the rapidly evolving 2.0 technologies of the Internet over the past few years have allowed women an enormous space to not only voice their opinions and emotions but to act on and share them immediately.

As Laura Zalaznick, President of NBC Universal opined “Women are no longer simply consumers.  They are moving from consumers to advisors, advocates, and activists.”

This means marketers and organizations must do more than use traditional “push” marketing to take their share of a whopping $800 million that working women in the US alone contribute to the US economy.

 How are your engaging with women in your healthcare practice?  Are you effectively marketing with them or just speaking TO them?