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Healthcare Professional and Public Health Advocacy

Butterfly is a small company with a big mission to help people address a common but stigmatized bowel health concern, marked by lack of doctor patient communications. Inspired by training as a wellness coach with a health advocacy and brand communications perspective, Kelley developed evidence-based consumer health content reflecting brand positioning, infused with the voice of an informed health advocate. Inspired, informed and rich content that resonates with advocates, healthcare professionals, patients and consumers is the hallmark of Kelley's work. Check out this blog for a sample

Non-Profit Leadership Communications

The AARP is a national advocacy organization with a strong advocacy and outreach enterprise model in Massachusetts.  Kelley developed the communications and influencer strategy for a B2B initiative called “The Value of Experience in a Multigenerational Workforce” - a breakfast event formed in collaboration with key business influencers.

 In collaboration with Associated Industries of Massachusetts, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and New England Human Resource Association, Kelley led the messaging and outreach strategy to promote,  amplify and garner widespread influence for hiring the worker 50+ among non-profit and for-profit executives in the Greater Boston area.  

Professional and Patient Health Education

Smoking prevention was Pfizer's main social and health mission when they launched Chantix to healthcare professionals. Kelley worked with the Chief of Pediatrics at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to develop the creative strategy for an award-winning website, a web-based intervention strategy focused on tween girls as target audience as well as health influencer to curb smoking in families.  The highly interactive creative marketing strategy was a collaboration between Girls, Inc and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The website called "The No Smoking Room" was designed with girls age 8-11, including an innovative interactive "talk show" style focus group with the girls as creative directors. 

Integrated Healthcare Marketing & PR

Throughout her career, Kelley has integrated her passion for PR with brand marketing and advertising in the area of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology.  She has worked with large and small pharmaceutical companies and advocacy groups beginning in Phase II to identify clinical data, messaging and positioning that would resonate with key stakeholders, advocacy groups, healthcare professionals and patients, encouraging product awareness and trial. She enjoys interactions with scientists, medical officers and physicians to uncover key insights that drive effective and integrated marketing and communications that extend "beyond the pill".  Her clients included Eli Lilly, Bausch & Lomb, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Astra Zeneca, Roche, Kodak, Glaxo SmithKline and more.